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08.22.19. Next Generation Learning.

After working with hundreds of teachers and thousands of students, founder Connie Liu shares three tips on how to design classrooms for changemaking.


03.07.19. SXSWedu.

Team Stria from the Nueva School takes the top prize at the Student Startup Competition at SXSWedu in Austin, TX.


02.07.19. Assistive Tech Today.

Our team at the Texas Academy of Math & Science is featured for their work to invent wearable innovations that transform the lives of people with autism spectrum disorder.

MIT Alumni Association

12.14.18. MIT Alumni Association.

The MIT Alumni Association shares the story of our founder, Connie Liu ‘16, from engineer to teacher to founder of Project Invent.

Maker Magazine’s Makerbot

09.20.18. Make Magazine.

Founder, Connie Liu, writes in Make Magazine about why making is important for fostering young leaders. Read more about how our students are paving the way in making for social impact and changing the world.

Getting Smart

07.25.18. Getting Smart.

Project Invent was featured in Getting Smart, a leading education publication about innovations in learning. Founder, Connie Liu, writes about how all youth have ideas that can change the world, and how we as educators can support their impact through making.

Team Stria’s product, a belt for the blind that alerts its wearer if they begin to veer.

03.29.18. AT&T Inventor's Challenge.

We are so proud of our Stria team for winning the 2018 Inventor's Challenge. From the press: "Stria is a belt that alerts the wearer with a minor vibration if they began to veer to one side of the crosswalk – an invention with powerful potential for good."



jimmy at work.jpg

03.27.19 United Airlines mechanic loses his sight, empowers students to invent

Jimmy became blind back in March 2016. He took this new circumstance and turned it into a life-changing opportunity for students. He’s worked with two Project Invent teams in the San Francisco Bay Area. “Everything happens to me for a reason and I think that reason was Project Invent,”


02.08.19 East Palo Alto Academy

High school students at East Palo Alto Academy are inventing for wheelchair vehicle accessibility. Students say: "I'm not just a consumer; I can actually produce things that can change the world."


01.21.19 South Fayette High School

South Fayette high school students invent a smart pillbox that reminds you to take your medication.


01.17.19 Texas Academy of Math & Science

High school students at TAMS, coached by senior Rik Patnaik, are inventing technologies for people with autism spectrum disorder. They’re building Lyra, a bracelet to record interactions with first responders, and Project Cape, a specialized hoodie to serve as a portable, on-demand relaxation system.

Gorge Team.jpeg

11.28.18 Gorge Makerspace

High school students in White Salmon, WA invent an accessible keyboard and mouse that would allow people with cerebral palsy to play online video games.

User using Unwind, a stress ball with a calming heartbeat.

Unwind Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Unwind "lowers your stress in a heartbeat". With a soothing pulse and a calming light, Unwind allows you to keep mindfulness in your pocket. Support these three incredible female engineers in their journey to launch their product!