Our Team

Project Invent is made up of educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, professors, students, parents, and more who are passionate about young people changing the world through design thinking, engineering, and entrepreneurship.


Connie Liu, Founder & Director

Connie Liu,
Founder & director

Connie is a mechanical engineer from MIT, passionate educator, and founder of Project Invent. She most recently taught design thinking & engineering at The Nueva School. Now, she runs Project Invent to inspire high school students nationwide to invent technologies that make a difference. She is also an inventor herself, creating assistive technologies to empower those with disabilities. 

Catherine Supnet, Chief Designer

Catherine SupneT,
Chief Designer

Catherine is a visual designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She works at Replicon Software as a Graphic Designer, creating print and web visuals as well as marketing collateral. She was previously the Design & Media Manager of SkyDeck, UC Berkeley's startup accelerator. From the logo to the curriculum to the slide decks, she makes everything Project Invent does beautiful!


Kellie Ojeda,
Director of Programs

Kellie is an educator and design thinking enthusiast, passionate about unlocking potential in students to design the world they want to live in. She started her career as a middle school science teacher at YES Prep Public Schools in Houston, Texas. In 2018, she moved to Uganda to assist an education non-profit in setting up sustainable school systems. She is working towards her M.S. in Strategic Design and Management from Parsons School of Design.



Our ambassadors have feet on the ground and are the ones sharing about Project Invent far and wide!

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Jason Hubbard
Perrysburg, OH


Leola Rutherford
Girdwood, AK


Rob Shoaff
Harrisburg, PA

Brandy Hicks.jpg

Brandy hicks
Lafayette, In


Jeannette Bruno
Howell, NJ

Jose Sandoval - Jose Sandoval.jpg

Jose Sandoval
Fresno, CA


Melissa Wrenchey
Kirkland, WA


Rachel hooper
Burlington, VT


Student Fellows

Students are the core of our work. That's why we incorporate their insights into everything we do. They co-design the curriculum, share input for decisions, spearhead community partnerships, and more.

Maddie Park, Curriculum & Strategy

Maddie Park,
Summer Intern (2018)

Justin Zhang, Design & Outreach

Justin zhang,
summer intern (2018) 


emma waldspurger,
summer intern (2019)


ritik patnaik,
summer intern (2019)

Tyler Groshong, Video & Media

Tyler Groshong,
Video & Media 

Maya Chawla, Social Media Manager

Mta Chawla
Social Media Manager


Advisory Board

Suranga Nanayakkara

bob baxley

Bob Baxley is a designer, advisor, mentor, and advocate that has led teams at some of Silicon Valley’s most notable companies. With a career spanning three decades, Bob's work at Apple, Pinterest, Yahoo!, and elsewhere is used by over a billion people around the world. Currently, Bob works with programs and organizations that are helping to attract and inspire the next generation of designers.

Maria Yang

Maria Yang

Maria Yang is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and MacVicar Faculty Fellow at MIT, and is founder and director of the Ideation Lab (ideation.mit.edu) and Faculty Academic Director for the MIT D-Lab. Her work in design, focuses on the key role of design representation in driving the early stages of the design process, from consumer products to complex, large scale systems.

Maureen Carroll

Maureen carroll

Maureen is the Founder of Lime Design and a lecturer at Stanford’s d.school where she co-teaches Hacking Your Innovation Mindset. She was also the director of Stanford University's REDlab, which conducts research on design thinking and learning. She has worked with schools, businesses and non-profit organizations around the globe building capacity for innovative cultures. 

Sergio Monsalve

Marc Lesser

Marc is VP for Research & Technology at National Academy Foundation and is a specialist in the field of edtech and digital media for learning. Marc previously served as Chief Learning Officer for Mouse, a national non-profit closing the equity gap in STEM and design, and is co-founder of Emoti-Con, a youth learning festival. He is also the creator and producer of No Such Thing, an education podcast.


Sam Yen

Sam is the Head of Commercial Real Estate Digital at JP Morgan Chase. He formerly served as Chief Design Officer at SAP, where he led SAP's Design Thinking practice both internally and for customers. He holds a PhD in design, mechanical engineering, and aerospace engineering from Stanford, and now teaches at the Stanford d.school and Graduate School of Business.


Matt Kursh

Matt is CEO and co-founder of Oji Life Lab, an app to teach emotional intelligence. He has sold companies to Apple and Microsoft, ran Microsoft’s primary web business, and served as CEO of the Blue Planet Run, a running relay around the globe to raise awareness of the global water crisis. Past learning ventures have included a teen soft-skills learning center and programs on decision-making, purpose and values.


Governing Board

Michelle Fishburne


Aragon is Director of Partnerships at Envision Learning Partners and founder of We Teach Science Foundation, a national nonprofit that empowers engineers and scientists nationwide to assist and work with math and science teachers and students. He has a background in aerospace engineering.

Scott Swaaley

Scott Swaaley

Scott is former Assistant Director of the Nueva I-Lab, was an award-winning educator at High Tech High, and is now founder of Make Safe Tools. He also runs a project-based learning consultancy called GRITLab and was the feature of the documentary films Most Likely to Succeed and Beyond Measure.


Steve ketchpel

Steve is a computer scientist specializing in data analysis and artificial intelligence. He consults to the Global 2000, startups, and non-profits. He co-founded Mindscale.ai (2018) and Vividence (1998), and has written a book called Giving Back and worked on the Mifos microfinance project.