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Digital Curriculum


This digital curriculum features 7 lesson plans and 30+ tools from design thinking, engineering, and entrepreneurship to guide students through solving real problems with technology. The curriculum is written by real engineers turned educators, so you can trust it reflects real engineering processes that also work in the classroom. These resources will show you how to:

  • Investigate problems in your community

  • Transform observations into actionable insights

  • Generate ideas exponentially and identify the best one

  • Build an idea and make it a reality

  • Identify product market fit and scale the impact of your product

  • Tell the story of your product and pitch it to investors

What our users are saying: 

...my mind has been rolling with new ideas and a higher expectation for my students than I have ever had before. With the new tools I have, I am energized and ready to change some lives. - John Teuscher, HS Teacher in UT

As a librarian without a design/engineering background, the way this curriculum breaks down the process gives me the confidence to work with students as they develop their technology projects. - Jessica Simons, HS Librarian in CA