Mentor young inventors and changemakers


In addition to our yearlong program that brings students from idea to prototype, we’re starting Launch, a 1:1 mentorship program to match professionals to Project Invent teams looking to bring their inventions from working prototype to the hands of real users.

We work with high school students nationwide to empower them to invent technologies for social good. Many of our students started with little to no engineering experience, and learn to engineer and code through the process of inventing real solutions for problems in their communities. From on-the-field kits for detecting early signs of concussions to adaptive game controllers for teenagers with cerebral palsy, our students invent technologies that matter. The teams in the Launch program have already secured funding and built a working prototype through Project Invent: now they need your help to bring their inventions to the next level.


How it Works

  1. Fill out our matching form

    Give us an idea of what skills you bring to the table and read about our existing teams to preference which you would like to advise.

  2. get paired with a team

    We match you to a student team who needs your advising to launch their product into the real world. We’ll send you some Project Invent swag to celebrate :)

  3. video call once a month

    Video call with your assigned team once a month to help them make progress, set goals, and benefit from your expertise in everything from building robust code to beta testing their product with users.


What we Expect

  • Genuine passion for empowering students

  • Effective at project management and using those skills to help students reach their full potential

  • 1-hour monthly calls with an assigned mentee team of high school inventors

  • Preparation for calls to identify helpful resources and define goals


What you Get

  • Free Project Invent swag!

  • Invites to exclusive Project Invent events like Demo Days and team meet-ups

  • To make a difference by inspiring future inventors and changemakers


So what you are waiting for?